Mini Lithium Spot Welder Set DIY (Battery NOT included)

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12V 18650 Mini Lithium Spot Welder Set DIY
This spot welder circuit board can be used to weld 18650 / 26650 / 32650 lithium batteries. Advantages: portable, stable, reliable and durable. Low cost, own car start battery, or high-power battery pack, can be connected to use! Save production costs!
Function keys: 1, for switching machine, 2 for shifting gear! Turn on the power, the default is the first gear. Press the button for 2 seconds to release, When the gear is increased by one gear, the buzzer rings and the LED flashes
For example: in the third gear, the buzzer rings three times and the LED flashes three times. There are 5 gears in total. The spot welding strength is gradually strengthened from the 1st to 5th gear, and the 5th gear is the strongest!
After the 5th gear, press and hold the key again. It will turn off. If you press the key for a long time, it will turn on. At the same time, the gear will return to the first gear
Users need to provide 12V battery power supply, welding current is about 100A ~ 200A, for the common 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm nickel plate welding is easy. Please make sure that your battery can have a current greater than 100A, otherwise it will not be able to weld!
Power supply voltage: 11.5v-14.8v
Working current: 100-200a (optimal current: 150A, discharge below 100A, will not work)
The battery with large discharge current will directly affect the welding effect. The following batteries are recommended:
36-45ah lead-acid battery with good performance and low internal resistance (internal resistance less than 10 milliohm, discharge current greater than 100 a), such as new car starting battery!
About 4000mAh 35c-8000mah 30C 3S aviation model lithium battery pack
18650 battery pack with 30-35ah capacity
Power requirements:
Spot welding is based on the principle of high current local rapid heating and cooling, which requires sufficient current supply. Generally, the welding current of 0.1-0.15 nickel plate is about 90-150a, so the working power supply of circuit board must be greater than or equal to 150A
Material: PCB
Suitable for: 18650 lipo battery
System voltage: 12-V-14.6V
Working current: 90-150A
20-45ah Lead-acid battery with fine performance and small internal resistance
3.5-5.5ah 45C 3S aeromodel lithium battery pack
30-35ah capacity 18650 battery pack
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